All-in-One Solution

Designed to be used by yourself or with a trainer, CoreX Equine is the easy, dynamic solution you can start using right away to measure and improve riding performance.

The CoreX Equine app is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, and with the sensor attached to the small of the back, it displays and records real-time posture readings. The visual readouts and audio cues help riders correct balance issues and achieve ideal riding form.

Here’s a closer look at the complete CoreX Equine solution…

The app

The CoreX Equine app, combined with our Cloud Service, is where you'll monitor, measure and compare training results.

    • Customizable

      Select the level of riding ability—from beginner to advanced—as well as the type of gait: walk, trot, canter.

    • Multiple alerts

      Audio, visual and vibrating cues help riders and trainers correct techniques on the move.

    • Data access

      All your biofeedback data is stored securely through the Cloud and can be sorted by dates, horses, etc.

The belt

Comfortable and easily adjustable, the CoreX Equine belt holds your device and other belongings as you train. Riders hardly feel it!

    • Durable construction

      Made from durable, heavy-duty nylon and neoprene to withstand the rigors of riding.

    • One size fits all

      Velcro material enables the belt to be fastened securely and comfortably around the waist of all riders.

    • Inside pocket

      A sleeve on the back conveniently holds your CoreX Equine sensor, portable charger, credits cards, money, etc.

The sensor

Ideal for allowing trainers and riders to view their data, the CoreX Equine sensor accurately measures motion and transmits back to the app.

      • Small and Lightweight

        Less than an ounce, the sensor is light enough that you won’t feel it. And no wires to get in your way either.

      • Heavy-duty performance

        With Bluetooth LE communication, it’ll run for an hour+ on a full charge, or for a whole day with a portable charger.

      • Accurate and responsive

        Ride to the far corner of the indoor arena – the sensor will keep on giving accurate, instant feedback to the trainer standing in the center.

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