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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is there an Android app or do I need an Apple device to run CoreX Equine Pro?

      ANS: At this point, we only have the app developed for iOS. We do anticipate creating an Android version soon…come to our site often to see when you can pre-order CoreX Equine Pro for Android!

    • How do I operate the app without tapping the button on the screen?

      ANS: CoreX Equine can use the operator’s own remote control headphones (wired or Bluetooth) to start and stop the CoreX Equine app. Once the user assumes their desired posture, they press the start button on their remote headphones to begin the app. When done, the user simply presses the stop function on their remote headphones to stop the app.

    • I’m trying to use the headphones, but the button always starts Music, not CoreX Equine. What do I do?

      ANS: The Music App does not automatically release control of the headphones when you switch to another app. Not to worry, when you first start up CoreX Equine just tap Zero and Start and then Stop once on the screen, and CoreX Equine will take over control of the headphones so you can use the Start/Stop button from your headphones.

    • How do I find the correct riding posture?

      ANS: CoreX Equine provides a detailed video to assist you with finding your correct posture. As the rider, you should sit tall in the saddle and gently roll your pelvis forward, arching the low back, and backward, rounding your low back attempting to find the middle of these two movements. Once found you’ll press “start” to set your neutral position and begin the CoreX Equine app operation. Take a look at a few videos here.

    • What setting should I use with my CoreX Equine?

      ANS: We suggest first time users set their CoreX Equine threshold to its larger 12 degree (Good) setting. Once you master this level, advance your threshold to the next, more difficult level, 8 degrees (Better) and then 4 degrees (Best) setting.

    • Can I use this for other things besides riding my horse?

      ANS: Yes. The CoreX Equine technology is used for core stability training with many exercises and pieces of exercise equipment. For more information go to

    • Should I charge the sensor every time I’m done using the belt?

      ANS: Yes, we recommend leaving it plugged in whenever you aren’t using it to make sure it is ready to go when you are. Even when you aren’t using it, the sensor does use a small amount of energy to keep its innards tuned, so after 3-4 days of disuse it may get discharged on its own. If that happens, it only will take about 5 minutes to reach >67% charge, but it may take a little bit longer for it to re-tune.

    • My CoreX Cloud subscription is expiring, how do I extend it?

      ANS: Go to the Settings tab and tap on Account. As long as you are signed in, you will see when your subscription ends and there is a button to Extend Subscription.

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